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You can access my Facebook Live video series and check out episodes of my podcast right here. Just click on the links below 🙂

Your best life ever: What does it look like? How do you get there? Being decisive and managing the hell out of what you actually have control over.

The 5 Second Rule: Moving from thought to action. How not to sabotage yourself.

Pursuing Passion: Articulate your desires. Watch the universe align.

Playing to your strengths! Find fulfillment by playing to your strengths rather than fixing your weaknesses 

Getting unstuck. The 5 second rule helps. Having a plan helps. Knowing what you want to do and be helps. But un-forgiveness, both of others and yourself, keeps you stuck!

Moving from thought to action. The Flywheel effect. Small changes over time result in grand transformation.

 Self-care: nurturing yourself while handling your business. Saying no to some things, and saying yes to what really matters.

Podcast Episode 1: When the hunt for poinsettias results in the healing of a family at Christmas time.


Podcast Episode 2: The Back Story: we’re more alike than you think.
We looked very different, but we were more alike than I realised. The Back Story.

Podcast Episode 3: Simply black and white… Is it really?
In Jamaica, we remain deeply divided along colour lines, including shades of black.—-Is-it-really-e2o2pl

Podcast Episode 4: The keto diet from a kid’s perspective.
15yo Jamaican Nicholas shares his own weight loss journey while keto.

Podcast Episode 5: The day I met Desmond Tutu.
I had a dream. I got ready. So when the opportunity presented itself, I pounced. I was ready!