Writing Services by Kelly McIntosh

I’ll write content for your blog, website, eZine, magazine or brochure. I have a wide range of interests from traveling in and around Jamaica, to telling my own personal stories (and some of yours too), to building teams in the workplace and optimizing business processes, to commenting on socio-political issues to losing weight and promoting food products! Contact me here to create content for you 🙂

I also provide editing services. My keen eye for grammar, punctuation, spelling and literary flow will ensure your writing pleases your audience.

Travel around Jamaica

Our Easter Break out West: Belmont, Westmoreland A long family weekend at a little boutique bed and breakfast on the seaside. What we did, where we ate, and how we liked it.

C’mon home. (Re)Visit Jamaica Here’s a ready-made itinerary for friends, family and friends who are family, who want immerse themselves in an all-island experience and plug into an authentic vibe and experience.

Johnnie Walker and the Disappointers My love affair with Portland and a wonderful adventure we had with pure, natural musical talent in the village of Nonsuch.

Change of Air: My escape to the hills of Jamaica Forest bathing up where its cool and quiet, mere minutes away from captial Kingston.

My stories… and yours too 

Skin hunger  When all she needed was the human touch at one of the lowest points in her life

The Back Story When a random encounter on a flight turned into a touching, very human moment.

Ruth, Friendship and Life When your childhood friend is taken from this earth by a disease that is no respecter of persons.

Health and Wellness 

Willpower is NOT this issue in the battle of the bulge What does it really take to lose weight and keep it off?

Low-carb/Keto Jamaica style: The HOW TO Guide You can totally do the low carb/ketogenic diet and still eat so many Jamaican favourites.

My game changer on my weight loss journey: Fasting! How to rev your metabolic engine and go without food without dying.

Current affairs and social issues 

Where are there safe houses for women in Jamaica? You’d be surprised at the options available for women who are victims of domestic abuse.

Puerto Seco beach bummer. Beach access is a vexed issue in Jamaica. Where is the middle ground between investors and the public at large?

New Traffic Law not enough Understanding human motivations is key to getting commitment which will ensure compliance.

Getting rid of Garbage Jamaica has a solid waste management problem. The case for an executive mandate to effect the cultural and systemic changes needed to solve it.

Fighting crime without legitimacy. The solution to Jamaica’s crime problem lies in developing the legitimacy of the state.

Management and Leadership 

Innovation in the Food & Beverage Industry: Wow or nah?

Metrics, Bloody Metrics! What are you measuring and why are you measuring it? Are your metrics saying one thing but overall firm performance has you going hmmm?  

Don’t rush to fix the problem.  Solve the problem instead of fixing it. There’s a difference.

Ever heard of Conversational Intelligence? Conversations matter.

Food Product Back of Pack Blurb

Jerk Rub food product sold by GraceKennedy Ltd.