GRIT in World Cup 2014

The USA can totally beat Belgium later today. Yes…I said it. At this stage of the competition, it takes more than a good defense, sure strikers, and a sound midfield strategy. Look at how Algeria held off Die Mannschaft yesterday… Think of how NED had to FIGHT with every ounce of mind and body and soul to win this weekend past (God bless Robben). I come back to the theme of GRIT: that relentless attack, that hunger to win distributed throughout the team, that mindset that says play on until the Fat Lady sings, regardless of the score line at present, that ability to transcend pain, heat, discomfort, attacks from the opponents all in support of that one over-arching mission…that job to be done…TO WIN.
Have you ever looked into Dempsey’s eyes? Have you observed the way he communicates and directs the team on the field? Have you observed how leads by example…playing on with a broken nose, demanding and expecting no less from his team. And they respond to him. It is such a clear example of leadership in action, literally. He just happens to be the captain, but there are other teams that have this function residing in someone other than the captain…It doesn’t matter, Ladies and Gentlemen. This is “Distributed Leadership”. Bottom line: every team needs that standard bearer, that nucleus around which everything coalesces. The USA has that.
Anyhoos, all wha gwaan, BELGIUM! mi seh 
ps. Have a good game, Tim Howard