Kids and Keto

My then 14 year old son joined me end August 2017 on my keto journey. He has battled weight issues all his life and over the last 15 months he has transformed his body and his life with keto. Step into my living room and listen in on this conversation where he shares his own perspectives and experience on this way of eating.

Keto vs Calorie Restriction.

He had done the traditional calorie restriction regime in the past, and it worked, but it was painful and therefore not sustainable. He confessed to me that he just couldn’t feel full, no matter how much he ate. I committed to finding the solution and reassured him that he was not greedy or weak. The keto diet leveraged his biology and made it easy for him to take control and reclaim his health and his confidence. I break down the science behind it here.

We don’t weigh so you won’t hear how much weight he’s lost, and like a typical teenager, he absolutely refuses to allow me to do before and after layout pictures. Go figure. But he is utterly amazed at how he is now eating and what it has resulted in and agreed to share in the hope that it could help other parents and kids who are looking for a solution to the obesity epidemic that is touching too many today. Listen in now by clicking on the link below:

One year after starting keto: 15 yo, no longer overweight.
One year after starting keto. Almost as tall as Dad, no longer overweight.
The two of us pre-keto
The two of us pre-keto.
One year after keto, the start of the new school year. Standing taller, slimmer and more confident.
Keto is for kids too
Keto works for teens too
Keto works for kids too

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