“All of Jamaica (that matters) is Here” Diner en Blanc, Kingston, Jamaica.

I haven’t spoken about Kingston’s Diner en Blanc until now. Shrugs. I simply haven’t felt the need to. It was just another party. The pictures I saw looked beautiful! Diner en Blanc was all about gorgeous people in white, lovely place settings, in the beautiful Emancipation Park.  Diner en Blanc is an international movement. 

Photo courtesy of Diner en Blanc, Kingston’s FaceBook Page 

Then I watched ER’s report on Diner en Blanc. A representative from one of our leading banks made a statement that has been bothering me since Friday night: “All of Jamaica is here”. No, Ma’am. Not at all. 900 people is not all of Jamaica. Did you mean to say “All of Jamaica that matters is here”?Think about it: All of Jamaica (that matters) is here. 

This goes to the heart of what is wrong. It reveals the thinking of many of us. It explains much of what we see around us. “All of Jamaica (that matters) is here.” Us and Them. It informs the dispensing of justice, provision of health care, why some things happen in some communities and not in others. “Us and Them”. As long as those with means continue to pretend as if Those Others don’t exist, the chasm between Us and Them will grow wider. Then guess what happens…Resentment foments. Decisions are compromised by conditions conducive for The Next WillingNigger.  Us and Them. 
Diner en Blanc was never an issue. It is the thinking, betrayed in a relaxed moment, perhaps shared by others there that illustrates Jamaica’s fundamental issue.

Dis ya Jamaica? People mortgaging themselves to the hilt to drive the right car, while living in rented accommodations. People who beg in secret for invitations to the Right Occasions. People racking up debt to look the part. People making these choices simply because appearances matter so much in today’s Jamaica.

The bank’s corporate presence at Diner en Blanc illustrates another reality and underscores the point I am trying to make about decision making being driven by the importance of appearances rather than firm principle in support of growth and development. Fact: It is easier to get a $7M loan to buy one of Mr. New Car Dealer’s new It cars than it is to get $2M to retool a factory. 

Appearances > Productivity.

“All of Jamaica (that matters) is Here”. Stay woke, Jamaica. Remember the Tipping Point.  

5 thoughts on ““All of Jamaica (that matters) is Here” Diner en Blanc, Kingston, Jamaica.”

  1. Well made point, especially your stinging, accurate conclusion. The banks are the largest 2nd hand car dealerships on the Island. Each repo is a new loan. Cant do that with a failed business.

  2. I had posted already and somehow it disappeared. So here I go again.

    As a Marketer, I for one am open to and happy for innovative options for entertainment. I am also excited by entertainment packages that offer a sophisticated sensibility, which may include: wine, stylish decor, a menu that is eclectic, roses, good conversation, music that is genteel.

    There are enough events/activities that cater to a one-sided view of our Jamaican culture. Just like how some of us get upset when you are abroad and random people inquire where you are from and you proudly say…Jamaica. They are quick to tell you, that it is not so, as you speak standard English. Darn! Jamaica is multi-faceted, remember 'Óut of Many' and the entertainment landscape should represent that spirit. BUT! In the face of all that's taking place in our beloved country, i.e. injustice, poverty, social inequalities, we ought not to position events as 'dem' and us…those who 'matter'. This only serves to build more resentment, hatred, envy and depression. We must be careful of our utterances. Referring to 'those who matter' as those in attendance does not inspire 'aspiration' instead engenders desperation. Feelings of desperation…dangerous to all of us living here.

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